OSH Qualifications UK Level 2 International Award in Food Safety in Manufacturing

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1.Who is this qualification for?

Embark on a journey of enhanced food safety expertise with the OSH Qualifications UK Level 2 International Award in Food Safety in Manufacturing. Tailored for professionals engaged in food manufacturing processes, this qualification delves into crucial principles ensuring the safe production, handling, and distribution of food products. Participants will acquire comprehensive knowledge of food safety hazards, hygiene practices, and legal requirements specific to manufacturing environments. Whether you are involved in production, quality control, or other aspects of food manufacturing, this qualification equips you with the necessary skills to uphold rigorous food safety standards and contribute to the well-being of consumers.
The OSH Qualifications UK Level 2 International Award in Food Safety in Manufacturing is designed for individuals working within the food manufacturing industry who are involved in the production, handling, and distribution of food products. This qualification is suitable for a diverse range of professionals in the food manufacturing sector, including:

Individuals directly engaged in the production processes of food items.
Professionals responsible for maintaining and ensuring the quality and safety of food products.
Technicians involved in the processing and manufacturing of food items.
Individuals responsible for packaging and distributing food products.
Supervisors and managers overseeing various aspects of food manufacturing.
Those responsible for coordinating and implementing food safety practices within manufacturing facilities.
Safety and Health professionals ensuring compliance with safety standards in food manufacturing.
Individuals responsible for ensuring that manufacturing processes adhere to regulatory requirements.
This qualification is essential for anyone in the food manufacturing industry who seeks to deepen their understanding of food safety principles, hygiene practices, and legal obligations specific to manufacturing environments. Whether you work on the production line, in quality control, or in a managerial role, this qualification provides valuable knowledge and skills to uphold stringent food safety standards and contribute to the overall safety of food products.

2.How long will it take?

Expect to dedicate approximately 8 hours of study to achieve this qualification.

3.Topics Covered

The OSH Qualifications UK Level 2 International Award in Food Safety in Manufacturing covers a range of crucial topics related to food safety and hygiene in the manufacturing environment. The key topics include:
a) Microbiological Hazards
Understanding bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi in a manufacturing context. Controlling microbial contamination in the production process.

b) Chemical Hazards
Identifying and managing chemical contaminants in food manufacturing. Recognizing allergens and their implications.

c) Physical Hazards
Identifying and preventing physical contaminants and foreign objects in food production.

a) Hygienic Food Handling Practices
Implementing hygienic practices throughout the manufacturing process.
Preventing cross-contamination and maintaining hygiene.

b) Facility and Equipment Hygiene
Ensuring cleanliness and hygiene in manufacturing facilities and equipment.
Cleaning and sanitation practices.

a) Safe Food Handling in Processing
Applying safe handling practices during food processing.
Ensuring the integrity of raw materials.

b) Temperature Control and Monitoring
Managing temperature control in food processing.
Monitoring and maintaining appropriate temperatures.

a) Introduction to HACCP
Understanding Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) principles.
Applying HACCP in the manufacturing process.

a) Identification and Control of Allergens
Recognizing common allergens in food production
Implementing controls to prevent allergen contamination.

a) Effective Cleaning Practices
Implementing effective cleaning procedures in a manufacturing setting.
Sanitation and disinfection.

a) Food Safety Legislation in Manufacturing
Understanding and complying with relevant food safety legislation.
Responsibilities of individuals in ensuring legal compliance.

4.Assessment Method

The assessment for this qualification is conducted through a multiple-choice examination.

5.Guidance for International Delivery

OSH Qualifications Board UK recommends reaching out to the relevant Government Department in the target country where you plan to provide this qualification. This ensures alignment with local regulations and rules. In certain cases, registration as a training provider within the host country might be necessary. It is important to note that while OSH Qualifications Board UK upholds its own rigorous standards for approving centers, it does not represent or speak for other organizations or governmental departments.

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