OSH Qualifications UK Level 3 International Award in Occupational Safety and Health at Workplace

Product Details

1.Who is this qualification for?

This qualification caters to individuals currently holding roles as supervisors, managers, or team leaders, as well as those in the process of entering such positions

2.How long will it take?

Anticipate approximately 24 hours of learning to successfully complete this qualification.

3.Topics Covered

The subject matter encompasses the advantages of implementing a safety management system, fundamental principles of risk assessments, and techniques for identifying and managing hazards.

4.Assessment Method

Evaluation of this qualification is accomplished through a multiple-choice examination.

5.Guidance for International Delivery

OSH Qualifications Board UK recommends reaching out to the relevant Government Department in the target country where you plan to provide this qualification. This ensures alignment with local regulations and rules. In certain cases, registration as a training provider within the host country might be necessary. It is important to note that while OSH Qualifications Board UK upholds its own rigorous standards for approving centers, it does not represent or speak for other organizations or governmental departments.